Gastronomic offer

Gastronomic offer

Gastronomic offer
In the restaurants and taverns of Krk you will be able to experience the renowned Dalmatian hospitality and Mediterranean cuisine.

The inhabitants of the island of Krk have been herding sheep for centuries and they are true artisans of making cheese, with which every meal on this island starts and ends. The lamb of Krk is a famous gastronomic product, distinct for its taste derived from all the herbs the sheep feed on as they roam free around the island. The homemade lamb stew with “šurlice” is the most important meal on the island. “Šurlice” are a kind of homemade pasta that is very similar to macaroni. They are also served with gravies made of chicken or mushrooms, and with sea-food or cheese. In the old days šurlice were served only on holidays; however, today they are a part of our everyday gastronomic offer.
The cheese of Krk, made of sheep milk, is an exquisite treat with which you can start and end a meal. And the prosciutto, accompanied with a couple of olives and bread, is a crucial part of our menus.



Fresh sea-food – the shrimps and the fish form the bay of Kvarner are renown for their nutritious value and their exquisite taste. Although they are prepared by simply adding olive oil, they are such a delicacy, that even the most refined gourmets will not be able to resist them. One should not forget that this is an island and that the inhabitants are competent fishermen. It is also important to emphasize the fact that all the vegetables have been produced in small family gardens in an organic way, thus giving the Swiss chard, broad beans and the rest of the vegetables a genuine taste.
We serve, with all of these meals, authentic wines of Krk and from the rest of Croatia, as well as a variety of homemade brandy – loza (grappa), medica (mead), travarica (herb-flavoured brandy), smokovača (made from figs) or biska (made from grappa, mistletoe and three types of herbs). Enjoy your meal!

A list of restaurants, taverns, cafés, and bars:

Your hosts recommend:

»  Tavern “Tri Maruna” in Poljice – on the way to the ferry dock Valbiska (for ferries to the islands of Lošinj and Cres)
»  Tavern “Nada” in Vrbnik: